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Certified NACSW Instructor

About Me

Brenda with Gibbs with NW3-ELT ribbon

I have been training with dogs in many different venues for over 20 years. The activity of letting my dogs' noses do the work, instead of me giving all the commands like other dog sports, captured my heart as I watched my dogs' pure joy in the hunt. After several years of working with my dogs and watching others in this sport, I became a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) with NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work) and love introducing people and their dogs to this engaging, fun activity.

This is an activity any dog - young, old,

rescue, timid, handicapped - can enjoy. I look forward to your dog joining the fun.

Session Types


Maggie working AKC Containers

Beginning Nose Work - $20 each session
Beginning Odor - $22 each session

These sessions are designed to help your dog find the fun in searching.  Using food, toys or whatever motivates them best. You and your dog will start to become a team while practicing different exercises.  These will provide the foundations of the sport by building drive and independence.  We will start odor with similar exercises to introduce scent to your dog. 

Gibbs working NW3 Vehicles

Advanced Odor Class - $22 each session

Odor classes involve using competition strength essential oils in the searches.  Continuing to build your dog's confidence in searching and letting you know they have "found it" in all types of training scenarios!  This can be for having a fun activity to do with you dog or to prepare to compete in trials.

Shannon & Lars

Private Session - $35 for 45 minutes

These are for when scheduled class times don't fit your schedule, you are preparing for a trial, are wanting to build particular skills or you just enjoy training one-on-one.  This is time customized just for your team.

Book now at:

"K9 Sniff Club and Brenda are amazing. Not only does Brenda love the sport of nose work, but she understands odor and how it moves. Her knowledge and patience in training have definitely helped me and my dog become a better team. Brenda really cares and tries to bring out the strengths of all of her students."

- Shannon

Fun for All Dogs

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